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Twin Flames Soufflé Hand Cream Duo

A perfect pair of luxurious full size hand creams that will deeply moisturize, soothe, and protect skin while blurring any imperfections. $70 value.
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Mercier Muses


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This hand cream duo is made with a blend of French Olive Oil, French Plum Seed Oil and Glycerin to help restore the skin’s elasticity, while Tapioca Starch creates a blurring and skin-evening effect to eliminate dry skin and cracks, leaving behind perfect-looking skin with an elegant sheen.
This duo consists of two full sizes:
Ambre Vanille: rich, yet discreet
Almond Coconut: rich, sensual and alluring
Twin Flames Soufflé Hand Cream Duo

Twin Flames Soufflé Hand Cream Duo

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