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Crème Cheek Color Brush

Naturally and exquisitely defines the cheekbone.
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Mercier Muses


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This brush features the perfect size and shape to naturally define the cheek bone. The unique synthetic hairs pick up and distribute pigment precisely and evenly, and the tapered oval head gently blends color onto the face.

•Cleanse as needed with mild shampoo and warm water.
•Gently squeeze water through the hair, going from base to tip. Rinse thoroughly.
•Repeat if necessary.
•Reshape to original form.
•To protect your brush fibers, pick up product and cleanse in the direction of the hair; never “swirl” or harshly rub brushes on any surface
•Shape and allow to air dry on a flat surface. Do not stand brushes on end to dry.
•When traveling, carry brushes separately from other makeup to protect the bristles from bending and fraying.

Crème Cheek Color Brush

Crème Cheek Color Brush

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