Makeup Brushes Decoded and Made Simple

February 15, 2024

Makeup Brushes Decoded and Made Simple

The right makeup brush can give your makeup an expert, flawless finish with very little effort. These are the 5 brushes you need to know about and, importantly, how to use them…

A Guide to the Different Types of Makeup Brushes

1. For streak-free foundation: Real Flawless Foundation Brush

There isn’t a rule that you must use a makeup brush to apply foundation, but it certainly gives you a flawless and perfect look with no skill or effort necessary. Real Flawless Foundation Brush helps melt foundation into skin, for a natural, skin-like finish. Its unique tear drop shape and angled collar have been specifically crafted to follow the contours of your face, while the densely packed ultra-soft bristles deposit foundation flawlessly for streak-free finish.

2. For expert eyeshadow blending: Finishing Pony Tail Brush

The secret to expert eyeshadow application is blending. The right brush should make eyeshadow application easy for you by blending out edges for a softly diffused finish.

The Finishing Pony Tail Brush does this and more. The sculpted, synthetic fibers pick up just the right amount of powder and cream eyeshadow and blend them onto eyelids quickly and easily. You can also use Eye Color Brush to pick up and despot color onto the skin for precise application and then Finishing Pony Tail Brush to blend out.

If you’re using a powder eyeshadow, just remember to work the color into the bristles by lightly buffing them onto the back of your hand and then tapping off any excess. Press the color onto your lids to lay down the eyeshadow and then, once you’re happy with the placement, use the tapered tip to lightly buff over the edges in small circular motions.

3. To set your makeup and make it last: Velour Puff

Okay, so it’s not technically a brush but this soft as velvet puff will effortlessly set you makeup with a beautiful finish that lasts all day and it’s a trick that Laura herself swears by. To use, just saturate the puff with powder, tap the excess of onto your hand, and press the puff onto your skin in a rolling motion. You can apply all over for a soft velvety finish or just where you experience shine which is normally through your T-zone.

4. For the perfect blush: Cheek Color Brush

Seriously, blush has superpowers, how else can you explain how with just the tiniest amount of color you instantly look rested and vibrant? Work some of your powder blush into the Cheek Color Brush by lightly buffing it onto the back of your hand, before tapping off the excess and applying to cheeks.

To create a soft flush of color, smile to reveal the apples of your cheeks and apply your blush using the flat side of the bristles. Sweep in circular motions to cover the apple, and then blend well. And try our expert pro tip curtesy of Tayaba Jafri, Global Beauty Director, “Bringing the color high enough to touch the orbital bone area (where your under eye usually ends) can help minimize the appearance of darkness around the eye area.”

5. For a sun kissed effect: Bronzer Brush

A light application of bronzer instantly finishes your makeup look. The domed shape of the Bronzer Brush allows you to effortlessly apply powder bronzers to skin, while the short handle gives you ultimate control over placement. The shape of the bristles snuggly follow the natural contours of your face, including the hollows of your cheeks, for a professional finish. Swirl the color onto your skin wherever the sun would naturally hit, including your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and the tops of your cheeks. If you’re wearing something strapless or low cut, buff the color down your neck and lightly over your décolleté.

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