How to Use Concealer as Foundation

January 10, 2024

How to Use Concealer as Foundation

Traditional concealers can be tricky. Some barely cover spots, most only serve one purpose, and many aren’t very natural looking. Instead, we created our concealer as a unique, two-shade product that offers full coverage, color correction, brightness, and a natural finish. So, we wanted to break down exactly how to use our Secret Camouflage Brighten and Correct Duo so you get the best results every single time.

How to Use Color Correcting Concealer

Most color correcting products are different shades of yellow, green or pink, but we found those weren’t necessary if you used a under eye concealer stick with full enough coverage. Plus, our concealer features two shades in each product so you can custom blend your perfect shade for any part of your face. Here’s how:

Step One

Choose a shade that matches your skin tone. With 16 unique combinations that range from neutral, cool, to warm undertones, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Step Two

Because this is a dual-sided product, you’ll want to choose which side you need: the “correct” side or the “brighten” side.

  • For correcting complexion, you’ll apply it directly to blemishes, dark spots, and other imperfections.
  • For brightening, gently glide the brighten side under the eye from the inner corner, moving outward.

Step Three

Once you’ve applied the side you need, pat the product in gently with your fingertips.

Step Four

Set with powder if you’d like or continue with foundation and other liquid formulas.

Best Way to Use Under Eye Concealer Stick

Our under eye concealer stick is unique in that it’s designed to effortlessly blur imperfections on the face and brighten under the eye. With two high-pigment good-for-the-skin formulas, infused with brightening pearls to brighten the delicate eye area and lotus flower extract to calm skin, you can conceal any part of your skin anytime, anywhere.

Because of this, we find the best way to use this product is as your go-to face product. With fewer products, you can create an even skin tone, brighter under eyes, highlighted cheekbones and a clean base that’s primed and ready for blush, mascara, and the perfect lip color.