Doe Eye Makeup - a How To Guide

June 21, 2024

Doe Eye Makeup - a How To Guide

Have you ever wanted to achieve the innocent and natural look of doe eyes, as seen on celebrities like Sidney Sweeney? This unique eye makeup style is a softer, more round and open version of the classic smokey eye. Follow these expert tips to master the doe eye look.

Step 1: Neutral Matte Eyeshadow

Start by applying a neutral shade of matte eyeshadow, such as the Caviar Eye Shadow Stick Matte in shade Au Naturel or Caramel. This will create a soft and natural base for your doe eye look.

Step 2: Lighter Eyeshadow on the Center of the Lid

To emphasize the roundness of your eyes, apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow to the center of the lid. This technique will help make your eyes appear more open and doe-like.

Step 3: Caviar Eye Liner Application

When applying the Caviar Eye Liner, make sure to follow the natural shape of your eyes. Avoid extending the line upwards or too far downwards. This will help maintain the innocent and natural look of the doe eye style.

Step 4: Bottom Lashline Definition

For the bottom lashline, place the eyeliner in the center and draw it outward to the edge. Lightly blend the liner as you go to create a soft and subtle definition. This technique will enhance the roundness of your eyes.

Step 5: White Eyeliner on the Waterline

To make your eyes appear larger and brighter, add a white eyeliner to the waterline. This simple trick will help open up your eyes and enhance the innocent look of the doe eye style.

Step 6: Finish with Mascara

To complete the doe eye look, finish off with a coat of mascara. This will help define your lashes and add the final touch to your innocent and natural eye makeup style.