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add/edit shopping bag

adding an item to your shopping bag

Browse or search for the product you wish to purchase. If a product has multiple color or scent choices, click on the name you wish to purchase. The name should jump to the first color/scent listed on the page.

If there are a lot of color/scent choices, you may need to click “See all colors” to view all available choices for that particular product.

Once you have added an item to your bag, a box will appear prompting you to “continue shopping” or “go to shopping bag.” Select an option to continue.

If you would like to add multiple quantities of a single product, you can continue to click “add to bag” from the product page, or adjust the quantity level in your shopping bag.

PLEASE NOTE: We limit 5 pieces per item in a single purchase.

edit shopping bag

editing your shopping bag

At any time during the shopping process, you may add, edit, or delete items in your shopping bag.

Click “Shopping Bag (x items)” in the top right-hand corner to go directly to your current shopping bag.

To add/reduce quantities, select the number you wish to purchase in the quantity drop down menu. The bag will automatically refresh with the updated quantities.

To remove an item from the shopping bag, click “Remove” under the item you with to remove. The bag will automatically refresh with the updated quantities.